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We are looking for the following services for Builders and Developers across India.

Investors / Partners / Financiers / Joint Developers for projects in major cities across India.

Construction Loans for under construction properties.

Bulk buying of completed Properties as well as under-construction properties.

Construction Contractor on Barter (Lock and Key) basis. You get constructed area towards payment.

Supply of Construction Materials on Barter basis.

We are only looking for direct parties. Intention of this post is to widen our access to various existing service providers.

The promoters of our organizations come from diverse background such as from IIT & IIM as well as Chartered Accountants, Lawyers. We are based in Mumbai (India) and having offices across most of the cities in India.

For more information, you may either send us E-Mail to sudheendra@sudheendra.co.in or or talk / WhatsApp to us at Mobile No. 98200 04701 (Mumbai, )

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