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SME IPO and listing in Bombay Stock Exchange for Mid-sized Companies in India.

We can advise mid-size Companies to come out with Initial Public Offering (IPO) and get their shares listed in SME Segment of Bombay Stock Exchange.

SME IPO may be a good choice for small businesses. Small companies dream of getting themselves listed on the stock exchanges, but they generally fall short of meeting the eligibility criteria of the BSE and NSE.

Similar to big companies, small companies also dream of getting themselves listed on the stock exchanges, but they generally fall short of meeting the eligibility criteria of the BSE and the NSE.

Recognising this aperture and that SMEs fetch the major pie of any country’s industrial activity, the BSE and the NSE launched their platform for small and medium enterprises to list on the BSE and the NSE and later migrate to the main board of the BSE and NSE without the need to make an initial public offering . The BSE SME and NSE Emerge are a new source for SME IPOs and provide a listing opportunity to the SMEs with minimum compliances and cost compared to the main board. SMEs are spread across diverse sectors and are fast emerging as an alternate asset class for investors.

An SME exchange is a dedicated exchange or a trading platform for Small and Medium Enterprises. In India, an SME exchange functions within a recognized stock exchange or the main exchange such as the BSE Limited and the National Stock Exchange of India.

SME listing not only provides benefits to the companies but also benefits its investors, both existing and proposed, such as providing an exit route to private equity investors as well as liquidity to the ESOP holding employees. Listing pre-supposes good corporate governance, which results in sustainability and helps generate an independent valuation of the company.

Listing raises a company’s public profile with customers, suppliers, investors, financial institutions and the media and provides continuing liquidity to the shareholders.

We also do syndication of Debt and Equity for good companies at various stages of their growth.

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