9 Financial lessons from Ramayan.

  1. Secure your life :
    You are not Laxman, and there is no Hanuman to get Sanjeevani for you…. so get health & life insurance today.
  2. Set your budget :
    Set “Laxman Rekha” of your financial budget and make sure not to cross it due to luring online discounts. Understand the difference between need and want …. be financially disciplined.
  3. Contingency Fund :
    Unexpectedly, Lord Ram was sent to ‘Vanvas’ for 14 Years and was forced to leave his luxurious Palace. Not everyone can live with such sudden changes in lifestyle. Have an adequate emergency fund to handle unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Be Patient/Think Long Term :
    During the 14 years of ‘Vanvas’, Lord Ram faced many ups and downs, including the kidnapping of Sita. Lord Ram patiently waited until the situation favorable, rather than choosing shortcuts. Stay invested for the long term, there is no shortcut to success.
  5. Choose advisers wisely :
    Kaikeyi took Manthara’s advice which later resulted in separated family, hardships, loss of relationships, family disputes, and eventually Ramayana.
    Stay away from those trying to sell Lucrative offers and quick rich schemes who are disguised as advisors and coaches for their own benefit.
  6. Build a Corpus :
    Lord Ram, Sita, and Laxman left Ayodhya with nothing. They patiently built their network and Vanar Sena over the years in order to reach the objective of defeating the Ravan. It takes patience to build a corpus, to defeat inflation in the long run.
  7. Cultivate discipline :
    Lord Ram practiced “Dharma” in order to be right, responsible and disciplined in life. Apply a similar theory to your life. Save judiciously, spend carefully and invest wisely for a disciplined financial life.
  8. Wipe your slate and start over :
    14-day Lanka War marked the defeat of evil and set the stage for a new path. Similarly, forget bad decisions that you made in the past and make informed decisions to streamline your financial journey.
  9. Believe in karma : Continue to do good things and karma will eventually reach you.

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