Commercial real estate financing in India.

We have 3 products to offer

  1. Lease rental discounting:
  • IRR between 7.5 percent to 8 percent and 1 percent processing fees
    Ticket size can go up-to INR 500 crore
  1. Commercial construction finance where funds will be provided for warehouse, manufacturing or any industrial construction.
    will have charge over land. It could be freehold or leasehold, if leasehold then NOC from landlord
    IRR is 12 to 13 percent and 1 percent processing fees

Ticket size Upto INR 200 crore

  1. Commercial or residential LAP
    IRR is between 8 to 10 and 1 percent processing fees.

LTV (Loan To Value) in all case will be close to 60 to 80 percent subject to kind of property offered.

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