Loans For Hospital/Clinic/Nursing home/Pathology Lab etc or New Projects Funding is available Min..5 Cr Case to 50 Cr Criteria for funding are as under:-

👉 New Hospital Projects as well existing projects / Hospitals can be done upto 50 Cr

👉 Collateral required 25% of project Value as hardcore security of the loan amount
( one fourth security required of the total loan required as secondary property)

👉 The Primary security will be mortgage, value doesn’t matter of the Primary security against the loan amount required if its a new project or Green Field if it is

👉 ROI will be between 8% to 9.5%reducing

👉 Margin Money:- 25% percent margin money will be required of the total project Value

👉 Processing Fees *will be:-0.25% -0.50%

👉 Tenure:- 3 to 9 Years

👉 Moratorium:- 6 Months to 12 Months will be given

👉 Loan Type:- Term Loan on purchase of Machinery medical equipmens purchase / Construction Loan

👉Funding will be done on:- Equipment Purchase & Construction, Expansion of hospital, New Hospital set-up ad Any Hospital related items to be purchased etc

Location: Pan India

WE ARE NOT INTO PRIVATE FINANCE. We don’t charge any upfront fees.

For more information, WhatsApp to us at Mobile No. 91- 98200 – 88394

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