Know How to Generate Challan without Logging in the GST Portal*

👉The Good and Service Tax Network (GSTN) has released the procedure for generating Challan without logging in to the Goods and Service Tax (GST) Portal.

👉In order to generate Challan without logging in to the GST Portal visit, then navigate to services, then select payment and click on Create Challan Option, in GSTN or another ID field, enter your GSTN or other ID, enter the captcha text as instructed, and click on the proceed button.

👉After this, the ‘Reason for Challan’ page is displayed, select the reasons either as a monthly payment for quarterly return or any other payment.

👉Enter the challan details in the details of the Deposit Section and select the mode of payment from the payment mode displayed.

👉Under Monthly Payment for Quarterly Return (MPQR) you can either select 35% Challan/Fixed Sum Method under this you can generate a Challan pre-populated with 35% of the tax liability discharged from electronic cash ledger in the last filed quarterly Form GSTR-3B or 100% of the tax liability discharged from electronic cash ledger in the last filed monthly Form GSTR-3B. Or if challan is on the Self Assessment Basis then under this you can self-assess your current month’s liability (Net of Input Tax Credit) and can generate the challan for the same. It is noteworthy, the taxpayer cannot save a challan in the Pre-Login method.

👉The reasons for challan details will be shown on the create challan page and you can edit it as well. You can enter any amount irrespective of your liability, This will get updated in your Electronic Cash Ledger which can be utilized later.

👉The total challan amount fields are auto-populated with the total amount of payment to be made.

👉You can opt for any of the payment options. In the GSTN and Other ID for challan generation field, enter the GSTN or the other id and click the proceed button.

👉The challan is generated and you can also download the GST Challan by clicking on download.

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