The Reserve Bank on Friday said investors from non ‘Financial Action Task Force’ complaint jurisdictions can only hold less than 20 per cent of the voting power in India-based NBFCs.

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) periodically identifies jurisdictions with weak measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

In a notification on Friday, the RBI said that new investors from or through non-compliant FATF jurisdictions, investing in existing NBFCs or in companies seeking registration, should not be allowed acquire “significant influence” in the investee.

“Fresh investors (directly or indirectly) from such jurisdictions in aggregate should be less than the threshold of 20 per cent of the voting power (including potential voting power) of the NBFC,” it said.

Further, investors in existing NBFCs holding their investments prior to the classification of the source or intermediate jurisdictions as FATF non-compliant, may continue with the investments or bring in additional investments to support continuity of business in India.

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